In 2018, when I got back from travels in South East Asia, I wanted to re-create the bright and vibrant pieces that I fell in love with but couldn’t fit in my 55L backpack. Taught by my husband's mom, I learned the basics and made a few items and learned from MANY mistakes. Fast forward to 12 months later, I found some amazing fabric and decided to whip up a pair my first pair of pants. Friends at work loved them, and requested some for themselves.

Now, we here. 

Sloth Pants are for all body types and can be customized to fit you perfectly. Once you try them on, you'll never want to take them off!

All pants are handmade and unique - Sloth Pants currently operates on a micro-batch basis - sometimes there is only ONE pant available in any given size & fabric. 

xx, Roxy

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