These flowy pants are perfect for just about any occasion - they can be dressed up, or down. Both ways will leave you feeling seriously comfortable all day long!


Features: big pockets


Made of: 80% rayon; 20% cotton


Size Chart (inches):


Small (24-26 waist; 33-35 hip; 28.5 inseam)

Medium (27-29 waist; 36-39 hip; 28.5 inseam)

Large (30-33 waist; 40-43 hip; 28.5 inseam)

XLarge (34-37 waist; 44-46 hip; 28.5 inseam)

2X Large (38+ waist; 47+ hip; 28.5 inseam)

Teal Twill

  • All pants come with washing instruction labels. To ensure maxium longevity of your pants, always wash in cold water and hang to dry. 

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